Board of Directors

  • Thomas Winkler
    Chairman, Board of Directors
    Business Leader, Switzerland
  • Martin Klopper
    LDi CEO, South Africa/United Kingdom
  • Dr. John Cragin
    LDi Director Emeritus
    Educational Leader, USA
  • Scott Crosby
    Ministry Leader, USA
  • Jeff Knebel
    Lawyer, USA
  • Esther Lai
    Educational Leader, Singapore
  • Benjamin Li
    Business Leader, Canada
  • Dr. Peter Regez
    Educational Leader, Germany/Switzerland
  • John Richards
    Business Leader, Australia/South Africa/United Kingdom

Executive Leadership Team

  • Martin Klopper
    LDi CEO, South Africa/United Kingdom
  • Dave McCurdy
    CFO, USA
  • Dr. Erika Carlson
    Director of Digital Learning, USA
  • Jeremy Carman
    Lead Team Director, USA
  • Josh Keegan
    iSC Superintendent of Schools, USA
  • Dr. Angela Patterson
    Superintendent, Teaching and Learning, USA
  • Dr. Allan Witkowski
    Director of Formation Services, USA
  • Paul Graves
    Advisor to ELT
    Director of Marketing, United Kingdom
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