Secondary Teacher

Secondary EducationChina, UAE

Job Summary

Provides leadership in the classroom that includes planning, executing, and evaluating all programs necessary to fulfill the school’s learning expectations for the students while creating a nurturing environment where students can thrive, feel safe and be motivated to learn.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Curriculum and instruction:
  • Develop weekly lesson plans with a view toward accomplishing student learner outcomes and course objectives as stated in curricular documents.
  • Maintain proper classroom discipline, taking care of minor problems personally and referring major problems to the principal.
  • Implement instructional technology, audio-visual materials, class projects, and other methods to enhance learning.
  • Carefully assign homework that supports learning and is within the expectations and goals of the school.
  1. Attend and participate in morning devotions, teacher’s meetings, some evening programs if involving his or her students, annual teacher’s conference, professional development and other meetings as assigned in the teacher’s handbook.
  2. Hold help classes and parent meetings after school as needed.
  3. Thoroughly complete paperwork and grading on time.
  4. Create an organized classroom that promotes learning and report any repair needs to the operations department.
  5. Plan thoughtful parties for designated holidays that celebrate culture and create excitement in the classroom
  6. Supervise extracurricular activities, organizations, outings as assigned.
  7. Offer conferences with parents of each student with the goal to partner well with them to help their child grow and learn.
  8. Supervise extracurricular activities, organizations and outings as assigned.
  9. Serve on committees, such as those for accreditation or curriculum review, as requested.
  10. Partner with the school counselor to offer extra support to students who are new or struggling.
  11. Carry out any other specific duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements

  1. University graduate with a degree in education, preferably in their field.
  2. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with foreign and national students with sensitivity to unique and multicultural perspectives and thoughts.
  3. Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, execute, and evaluate in the classroom setting.
  4. Desire to be a positive influence for students that inspires them to reach their fullest potential.
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About iSC

International Schools Consortium (iSC) is a nonprofit organization that, since 1986, has offered excellent academic programs to meet the intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of students. iSC has six schools in China, one school in the UAE, and helps to support various other educational initiatives globally.

iSC is a multi-school program, enabling students and teachers to participate in system-wide programs where they can interact with others outside of their immediate school. Students compete in basketball, volleyball and soccer tournaments, as well as music and choral festivals, and Model United Nations (MUN) conventions.


  • Airfare
  • Health Insurance
  • Housing
  • Pre-field and on-field cultural training
  • Monthly Salary
  • Tuition for Children
  • Eligibility for paid Master's degree program when a second (2 year) contract is signed
  • Language Tutoring
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