Transformation from the inside out

International Schools Consortium (iSC)

iSC commits to providing educational excellence through engaging the whole child: mind, body and spirit. Our proven college preparatory curriculum also includes character development education for staff and students, which represents the heart of iSC’s core values. We understand that international education is going to look different than a traditional school model, as we are addressing families in transition and the needs of global learners.

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International School of Qingdao

ISQs celebrates seeing students’ lives transformed and developed into world-class leaders since 1996.

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Wuhan Yangtze International School

WYIS students are individuals of truth, integrity, and excellence who positively influence society.

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Yantai International School

At YHIS, our key emphasis and commitment are to the student; therefore, we teach them well and then let them lead the way.

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International School of Wuxi

ISW is the most prominent international school in Wuxi. ISW features a well-rounded college prep program with a caring community where teachers, students and parents feel welcome and connected.

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Tianjin International School

TIS is a well-established school of excellence serving the expatriate community in Tianjin, China for over 30 years.

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Chengdu International School

CDIS is a dynamic community of students, teachers, and parents committed to learning, growing and building a solid foundation today to impact the world tomorrow.

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The Wellspring School, RAK

TWS-RAK seeks to produce dynamic individuals of truth and excellence who impact society and the world.

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Bilingual School Opportunities

While iSC schools focus on expatriate families, we also partner with bilingual schools in China to provide exceptional teaching staff and education consulting services to serve Chinese students and families.

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