Professional Development

Quality education requires iSC staff to be continually growing as professionals; we believe professional development opportunities should facilitate the achievement of the iSC Learning Outcomes.

Supervisors guide the process.
School leadership driven.
Mentoring up and mentoring down.

iSC-China Supported Masters Degree Benefit

This specific benefit is available to full-time, foreign-hire, and national staff-hire iSC- China instructional personnel who have completed a 2-year contract and are under at least a 2-year contract for a full-time position. The university of choice must be approved and confirmed by your supervisor. The Masters Degree Benefit is provided based on available funding and how many individuals are enrolled. We are happy to share more details!

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Investing in Our Leaders

Liza Wang

I am taking the online M.Ed. courses in Regent. My major is Curriculum and Instruction, concentration is Teacher Leader. It is my second semester this fall. The biggest benefit right now is that I have a better and wider idea of what curriculum is and what matters in curriculum and instruction. This will help me a lot in my career. I also learned a lot from my classmates.

Nathaniel Bond

As an Athletic Director, my graduate program in Athletic Administration has helped me to grow in my knowledge and understanding of what it means to learn, love, and lead well. I have been able to incorporate what I have learned about technology, diversity, and service into my teaching, coaching, and leading of students. I value the opportunity to further my education as a good educator never stops learning.

Hannah Bond

iSC provides many opportunities for both students and teachers to learn, love, and lead. One of those opportunities is participation in a graduate studies program. My graduate studies program has proven relevant to my work here at iSC. I find that the courses equip me to lead others well and highlight current best practices in education.

Jenny Moran

A love of learning is something I seek to instill in my students each day, and for the past year I have had the opportunity to exemplify that in my own life by taking courses at the graduate level. I am studying to be a literacy specialist and have learned very valuable information that has greatly impacted my teaching. I have changed some of my teaching practices based on new research-based strategies I’ve studied. I continue to have opportunities to share my learning with colleagues, and I am also able to use what I have learned to champion reading and writing in my school this year. I have gained more confidence as a teacher, and I am grateful for the opportunity to take these graduate courses.

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