Leadership Formation Program

Leadership Formation Services provide coaching, classes and courses help executives become more effective leaders, teams grow stronger, and people impacted by our staff and programs grow in their confidence, strengths and performance.


Our professionally accredited coaches walk alongside external and internal clients one-on-one to facilitate breakthroughs into new levels of performance and capacity. Our Leader As Coach Workshop equips leaders to use coaching skills to develop coworkers’ capacity while they are doing their jobs. For those interested in becoming professional coaches, our Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching training provide everything needed to achieve an International Coach Federation coaching credential.

Team Building

An organization is only as effective as its teams. Through the use of the PREP™ Personality Profile and experiential activities, our skilled facilitators help team members understand themselves and one another better so they can communicate and work together more effectively.

Leadership Training

Leadership requires having the heart of a leader as well as the skills needed to live it out. Our leadership training helps people understand their unique calling and combine that with specific leadership skills needed to influence those nearby, regardless of whether one has a formal leadership position or not.

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