What is Leadership Development International?

Leadership Development International provides educational services through our program International Schools Consortium (iSC), leadership training and business coaching. We are the oldest international training firm in China. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations grow from the inside out, as we know the foundation for good leadership is based on the values we hold.

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iSC: International Schools Consortium
Established 1986
The WellSpring School, Ras al Khaimah
Established 2015


Since 1986, International Schools Consortium (iSC) has served the multinational community in China, expanding to the Middle East in 2010. iSC is a division of the LDi family of companies, an organization committed to leadership development, training, and transformation around the world.

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LDi’s multinational team of experts are dedicated to empowering their clients through a range of business training programs held across China and the Middle East North Africa.

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Our Student Teachers

Angelina Polino

The best part of student teaching was the incredible people that I got to meet and work with everyday and the kids that I taught. This is truly the best thing I’ve done so far in my life. I feel like teaching at WYIS helped me grow a lot as a teacher and as a person. I learned how to work with so many different cultures and levels. I want to teach overseas long term and so it was the perfect experience for me to do my student teaching there.

Brooke Ebels

Teaching abroad gives you a new set of eyes. You get to experience so many things for the first time. This gives me perspective on what your students may feel on the first day of school or when they try to learn something new for the first time. This experience has shaped my world view, I love international teaching. As an educator, I now have a worldly perspective that I take with me in the classroom. I have eyes for those that come from different backgrounds and places. I seek out opportunities to pour into those that are different than me because diversity makes everything better.

Sherri Dreesen

A person who would do well teaching at iSC is someone who enjoys visiting new places, does not mind being in new situations, and is willing to learn from others and share with others. This person should be willing to ask questions and yet go with the flow. This person should be ready to work hard during the week and then explore sights and places in the evenings and on weekends. Yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend iSC to others!

Mary Bassett

Student teaching with iSC in China gave me the valuable experience of being in a real life classroom environment for three months. I was able to take on a number of responsibilities in second grade: leading small groups, teaching lessons to the two combined classes, and meeting one-on-one with students. Throughout all of this, I had the encouraging support and helpful advice of my supervising teacher. The other teachers and the TIS community were very welcoming, and I was able to experience school and China life that made me excited to come back to join LDi full time two years later. I have been teaching at TIS for four years and feel confident in my ability to connect with students, adapt to their learning needs, and create a fun learning experience for the students.

Since 1986, LDi has cultivated servant leaders in the classroom and business professionals that deeply care about people. It is humbling to witness their collective impact on the intersection of economics, politics, technology, and education around the globe.
Martin Klopper, CEO
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